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About Us

Family owned and operated since 1965.

In 1965, Marge and Dick purchased the old Sea Breeze Court, previously called Brown's Court, in midtown Cannon Beach as a place for their family to enjoy the beach on their summer vacations away from Boise and then later in Tigard.  Each summer, the Quarles family would trek down to Cannon Beach, open the motel for the season and all the kids (Jan, Ken, Bev, and Nancy) would find summer employment at restaurants and leading horse tours on the beach.  At the end of the summer, they would close up the motel and head back to town for the school year.  The family enjoyed their time in Cannon Beach and couldn't wait to go back each year.

This continued for many years turning from nightly rentals to long-term tenants.  The family stayed busy as the kids grew and had children of their own.  And in 1990, Dick passed away.  Marge continued the business with the help of her family.  Several years later, Marge married John Sandsted, a long-time resident of Cannon Beach.

With the support of her family and new husband, Marge was able to fulfill a dream of rebuilding the Sea Breeze Court, almost 40 years after the initial purchase.  And in 2004, the new Sea Breeze Court was opened for business.  


The two-story motel opened February 27, 2004 and replaced the former motel that had a house and four cabins that had been on the property for decades.  The new design was set to fit in with the feel of Cannon Beach.  For years, Marge's children and grandchildren worked at the motel -- cleaning, tending the desk, and all other tasks that go along with a family motel.  

Marge was so glad she was able to share this experience with her family and it remains a legacy of entrepreneurship and coastal living for the Quarles family.

Marge died in 2017 and the motel continues to be owned by family: Nancy Pannel's family and Bev Buschert's family.  This fulfills Marge's hope that the Sea Breeze Court will be in the family for years and years.  Marge spent many happy years in Cannon Beach and enjoyed living and working at the motel with John, for over 10 years.  She loved having her children and grandchildren stay and work throughout the summers and she cherished her time with them.  

In writings she left for family, she wrote about all the wonderful people she had met while at the Sea Breeze Court.  There were surfers in the 70's, school kids from Ecola Christian School, and we know she enjoyed meeting the thousands of others that have stayed at the Sea Breeze Court in the 50+ years since the Quarles first purchased the property.

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